No. 3, 191 Alley, Dien Bien Phu Street, Hue, Vietnam

Reviews From Guests

Deja Vu's Reviews

What a lovely place!
Have never been to such a beautiful, friendly and cozy homestay before and feel very lucky & thankful for the wonderful days in Hue! I’ll be back in Deja Vu Homestay for sure! Stay as you are! You are the best!

Theresa Henne, Traveller

My first impression on the house is great, self-decorating is adorable which each room comes with a different style. There’s also a terrace faces to the neighbor’s garden, placed a table and comfort chairs for enjoying tea, cookies and relaxation.
Rooms are well facilitated with air-conditoners, wardrobes, comfort beds, bed side lamps and tables. If anyone would like a different experience travelling in Hue can definitely give this homestay a try. Plus, hosts are all able to speak English so there’s probably no language gap in communication.

Thiên Lộc, Traveller

Lovely people and staff at Deja Vu Homestay!!!My boyfriend and me stayed three nights in one of the cute arranged rooms. The staff has been absolutely helpful with all our requests like laundry or renting a scooter. We also have been invited for an absolutely lovely “goodbye-dinner”. Highly recommending!!!”

Lisa-Maria, Germany, Traveller